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Services for retail companies

The best locations in the historic centres of Italy

Location is one of the key factors to the success of a commercial outlet. Itay Properties continuously monitors the trends in piazzas and shopping streets of major Italian cities, and offers its customers the best positions and promotes matching up the properties on offer with the demand for high quality shops.

The highly qualified consultants at Itay Properties work in synergy with each other and their clients to provide customised solutions for any strategic and operational requirements related to property portfolios. Thanks to their in depth knowledge of the property market and a capillary presence on the main Italian high streets, they are more than capable of helping customers achieve their objectives at 360°.

Not just retail

Itay Properties allows its customers to focus on their core business. It is the partner of excellence for all those organisations, big and small, that need a reference point that can support the entire range of real estate consultancy services in the key sectors:





Carefree end-to-end services


The continuous expansion of knowledge is our guiding value. This is why we can adopt a creative approach in everything we do, with an operational efficiency that takes all the hassle away from our customers. We are professionals, of course, but above all else, we love our work and are driven by instinct as much as our business knowledge. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client grow and prosper on the basis of our advice.

We help you find the property that's right for you

Leasing a property is often an important long-term investment for businesses. Our specialists ensurethe lease is in line with long-term business strategy and the objectives of cost, flexibility and stability.

We bear the cost of lease terminations

When we add a shop to our portfolio, take on a 12- or 18-year lease agreement, then lease the business unit leasehold space to our customers, who in this way, only have clear, fixed costs and can quickly achieve much leaner operations.

We control the entire project management process

We put in place all the services you need to plan, implement and monitor construction and internal space restructuring projects for commercial and hotel use. We manage every phase of work in terms of activities, times and costs, from the preliminary analysis, throughout the project and right up to

We help you manage your lease portfolio

Managing leases can be a huge commitment from a financial and administrative perspective. Our specialists offer efficient support, in a way that guarantees a genuine saving of time and money, by checking the deadlines calendar and the budgets for the rental costs.

By your side, every step of the way


The conception, design and creation of a space requires technical skills and vision. We offer our customers an entire range of services aimed at implementing the renovation and interior decoration of commercial properties. Our working group is composed of architects and engineers, with years of experience in the design field, who can control all stages in the construction process in terms of activities, times and costs.



Requirements and specifications analysis, macroscopic cost estimation and budget analysis.



Requirements and specifications analysis, macroscopic cost estimation and budget analysis.



Estimating time, costs and resources, scheduling activities, defining the structure of the works, and developing the budget plan.



Coordination of personnel and resources, integration of activities and management of the implementation plan.

Where will your next shop be?

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