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Services for property owners

An entire range of services for your property

Itay Properties can help you maximise the profitability of individual properties and real estate portfolios, by identifying the best strategies for increasing their value and lowering the risks of renting them out, like insolvency.

The advantages of a solid partnership

Itay Properties takes over the properties straight away by adding them into its portfolio, and then offers them to business partners. This business model guarantees a high rate of security for both those who are renting and the owners of the property, who are relieved of the burden of looking for a new tenant if the current tenant terminates their contract.

Itay Properties responds jointly to the property owner to ensure the lease runs smoothly for the entire term of the lease, which, unlike the usual 12 years, runs for 18. Added to this, there’s the possibility of sub-letting the premises, but allowing the owners to object, if they disagree.

Carefree end-to-end services

Our team of professionals can provide all of the technical, administrative and commercial services you need to ensure the efficient and profitable management of property.

Property management

Itay Properties takes care of the economic and technical management of your property to maximise its profitability and value. Depending on the property, it implements procedures for resolving managerial problems, and provides the tools for administrative, legal and fiscal activities relating to managing the asset.

Project management

Itay Properties provides consulting services for developing and implementing new projects in the main commercial property sectors. Our team of specialists offers owners and investors an integrated range of solutions for the redevelopment of buildings.

Financial Intermediation

Itay Properties helps clients to find the best investment opportunities on national territory by providing support for all stages of the negotiation process, to ensure a profitable, hassle-free investment closure.

Assessment services

Itay Properties specialises in assessing individual properties or portfolios in Italy in relation to all of the main commercial uses. Its methodological approach starts from a preliminary analysis of the asset, and aims to assess its market value by identifying its criticalities and strengths.