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Nicolas Cavalié

by Sara Legnani on 9 November 2018 0 317

What we have most appreciated of Itay Properties' consultancy is their full end-to-end knowledge of retail projects (technical, legal, financial aspects...) and their rapid and dynamic response.

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Davide Panosetti

by gag on 24 September 2018 0 403

Itay Properties is a young and dynamic company. In the all too often Jurassic landscape of real estate consultancy firms, it's distinguished by the speed with which it provides professional and smart responses.

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Giampiero Miccoli

by Sara Legnani on 24 September 2018 0 462

I've met them on several occasions and I was impressed by the speed with which they make decisions. Usually decision-making is accompanied by seniority, but Itay's professionals have the advantage of being proactive and decisive despite their youth.

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Giambattista Camellini

by Sara Legnani on 24 September 2018 0 400

Flexible, serious, solid. The professionals at Itay Properties, though young, develop fast and have the strength of foreign funds behind them, which allow them to conduct important transactions with surprising speed. At last, a safe bet for retail companies and property owners!

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Fabio Cattaneo

by Sara Legnani on 24 September 2018 0 424

I came into contact with Itay Properties on the occasion of a negotiation for a client in the luxury fashion sector for a top location, and I could appreciate their professional, flexible and dynamic approach.

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