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The virtuous circle of relationships

Choosing Itay Properties means you’re relying on a solid company that’s well-established on the Italian property market. Client companies and property owners form members of a network of privileged relationships, which is coordinated by a team of highly qualified professionals, and benefit from full and continuous support at every stage of the project.


Itay Properties is characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of excellence in service. It integrates the skills of property specialists, customers and all of the players involved in the project to boost everyone’s success.

Customer service culture

Our aim is to offer the best to every individual customer in every single sector.

Our mission is to make life easier for our customers by offering qualified support at every stage of a

The values we believe in

We believe that people who are guided by shared values ​​inevitably create closer and more lasting ties with each other.

Transparency and Trust

We base our work on integrity, ethics and empathy. We create value via the transparent sharing of objectives and by building our relationships on trust.

Competence and Efficiency

Continuous expansion of knowledge is a passion of ours, and allows us to adopt a creative approach in everything we do, in addition to our operational efficiency, which has been consolidated over years of experience in the field.


We set ourselves increasingly higher targets, which allow us to reach our boundaries and then overcome them, thereby stimulating our energies and strengthening our determination.


Innovation is the focus of our activities. This carries risks, but we're aware of the importance of identifying and managing them, and keeping them within reasonable limits. We can only grow by innovating.


Setting ourselves constant challenges and being open to change are two of the requirements that characterise both our activities and the market in which we operate.


We create positive and memorable experiences that surpass expectations in business results as well as personal interactions. We love what we do, that's why we do it so well!

The portfolio? Tangible proof of our commitment